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Thoughts on nice looking weeds...

Well nice looking to me...

I walked outside of my office today and saw near the grass some clumps of leaves that I assume are a weed --but they are neat looking
Also something that looked like it could be ground cover ---
(I will take pictures and post)...

Ok -- the thoughts would be -- is it a good idea to tranplant weeds just because they are neat looking -- how would this affect my yard -- will they spread everywhere...

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Part of what makes a weed a weed is it's tendancy to spread uncontrollably. So, bearing that in mind I'd be weary depending on what it is. I've transplanted only one type of weed, only to find out it isn't really a weed but a rain lily from south america that got spread to Texas, so I got lucky.
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"Weeds" are what you don't want growing in your garden, not necessarily what kind of plant it is. A volunteer tomato is a "weed" in the middle of the beans, a volunteer pumpkin is a "weed" in the middle of the tomatoes, and a volunteer apple tree seedling is a "weed" in the middle of the vegetable garden.

Not ALL weeds are invasive and spread everywhere, and a commonly accepted weed like clover is actually welcome in my garden since it is a nitrogen fixer and attracts honey bees and beneficial insects.

If you like it, by all means plant it in your garden. But be sure to get permission to dig it up and transplant it if it's growing in someone else's property. Oh, and be sure you know it's not a [url=]noxious weed[/url] or a poisonous one for that matter before you do.

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well, I agree with both a0c8c and applestar. I have dug up and brought home weeds because I liked them, including goldenrod, which could also be called a wildflower. And I have also lived to regret it, including having to dig up all the goldenrod, when it was not only taking over the the flower beds it was in but popping up in the backyard also and threatening to take over everything. It's not classified as invasive or exotic, it's a native wildflower, but it is used to harsh conditions and neglect and in my good garden soil it went crazy, ten feet tall and spreading like mad.

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While agreeing with most of the above I will say that to me a weed is just another plant that is not intended to be in the location in which the gardener finds it.
For instance, if my wife finds a Maple tree growing among her Iris's she regards it as a weed. I regard it as a future beautiful tree that just germinated in the wrong place and needs re-location.
When I hear the word weed the first plant I think of is the dandelion, which when growing in the lawn is an unwanted distraction. But in some areas dandelions are cultivated as an ingredient for wine and I believe they also have medicinal value to some.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's all in the eye of the beholder as to whether to pull it and move it or chuck it out. :roll:

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