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Transplanting 3 year old Apple tree.

Hi all!

My landlord just transplanted a 3 year old Apple tree on my part of the property, and told me to deal with it. It was cut down from 12 ft to about 6 ft. The taproot is intact, and he put some FoxFarms topsoil on top. The soil seems fertile enough, vegetation grows easily and there are trees scattered around the property.

Do I need to seal the cut ends? Any other advice that could be offered?

Thanks very much for any advice!

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Re: Transplanting 3 year old Apple tree.

Did he leave a leader?

If he left a leader or at least some main branches below the cut, apples can tolerate hard pruning. If there is a leader it will minimize watersprouts. Otherwise, you will need to prune out unwanted shoots and be selective on what you keep.
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Re: Transplanting 3 year old Apple tree.

It would help a lot if you could put a picture on here if you can.

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