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Apple trees from grocery store apple seeds.

I have been eating 1 to 3 Fuji apples every day then throwing the apple cores into the yard or sometimes into the garden. It rained for 5 days and today I decided to pick up the apple cores in the yard and throw them in the garden. Apple core seeds are germinating so I planted 6 seeds in a small circle each circle 6 ft apart in 4 places full sun in front yard. If all those seeds make trees there will be 24 trees. We only want 2 trees so 22 trees will have to go. Fuji is probably a hybrid not sure seeds will grow real Fuji apples I hope they are red and good to eat. Has anyone grown apple trees from grocery store apple seeds?

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Re: Apple trees from grocery store apple seeds.

Hi Gary,
Your Fuji seeds will not grow Fuji apples I’m afraid.
They have been pollinated by an unknown they can only be half Fuji.
This is how new varieties are bred.
You can call the resulting trees what you want..they are your own varieties.
If you see a variety with the words Pippin or Seedling...( Cox’s Orange Pippin.....Bramley Seedling etc ) these have been bred this way.
The one problem you may have is because they are on their own roots and not grafted to a rootstock,. You will have no control over the trees size and they may be more susceptible to virus problems which the rootstocks would have protected them from.

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