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How do you know your apples are ready for harvest?

I just moved into a new home with 2 apple trees. In the past I've gotten my apples from a friend and they aren't ready for harvest until September. My apples are falling off the tree. There are other apple trees in the area that I've noticed are doing the same thing. We had a very early year for gardening this year but this seems way early. Any help would be appreciated.

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Depending on the variety apples can be ready for harvest from July through to end October.
None of the early varieties are 'keepers'. This means they are left on the tree until ripe..then eaten quickly before they spoil.
Most of the late varieties are able to store, although any Apple if it's left on the tree to be fully ripe, will not keep for very long.
So if you have a late variety you can pick some of the crop before it's fully ripe and these will store in a cool dark place for eating later. need to get to know what varieties you have got. Then a picking regime can be worked out.
After all that...damaged fruit, those with maggots in them etc, will often fall early.

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Cut the apple open. If the seeds are white, it's not ready. If they are brown, they are good.

Apples will develop a more of a "bumpy" skin once they are ripe.

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