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Apple tree grafting questions

Okay. So I've done grafting successfully on mine and other's trees over the years using watershoot scion wood.

So my question is what to expect from a graft using normal fruiting branches instead of new shoot growth? Also if they flower, would it be damaging to the grafts to let them fruit?

About 10 miles from my house on a road I drive often there is clearing of some abandoned farmland for a new development. Day by day as they open up the overgrowth building roads, clearing lots, etc I noticed a few VERY old apple trees standing. I stopped to look and these trees are easily 80 - 100+.

Obviously no way to know what variety but I was curious as they are standard trees and probably unknown varieties grown from seed. These trees are definitely going to be cleared within the next few days. So unable to reach watershoot scion wood on these overgrown trees I cut a healthy branch off each and brought them home. These young branches were not great but had leaf and flower buds. Did some cleft grafting on one of my trees as an experiment.
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It is also interesting to note that I live in the area where John Chapman, aka Johnny Appleseed spent his later teenage years. So who knows? Lol

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Your grafts aught to take. In a few or three years you can build off of rootstock. To build free standing editions of those old trees.

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I would not let them produce flowers on their first year of grafting CD.
If they take ......well done mate.
It's great to preserve old varieties no matter what they may turn out to be.
Once yours do produce...get them to a grower to see if they can be identified or if they are true seedlings.

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