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Where is the best place to get heirloom apple trees.

I would like to start planting heirloom apple trees. Does anyone have experience with this and where can I get trees. I'd really like production in a few years. I'd like to keep it as organic as possible. I have one good rush planted and it is lazy.

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Re: Where is the best place to get heirloom apple trees.

Where are you located?

I'm a firm believer in buying live plants from geographically near sources so the plants don't stay in shipping too long. You CAN of course pay for expedited shipping. :shock:

Also, fruit trees can be purchased bareroot and dormant, b&b (field dug and balled and burlapped), or container grown (Recently, I guess that includes fabric pots). Cost and shipping cost as well as time/season to plant them differs. Ideally, I think it's better to purchase from a source that is in the same or close to your own plant zone (lowest winter temp) and that has similar first/last average frost dates -- your tree may be coming out of dormancy when it's still too cold in your area, the tree may cross zones that could confuse the tree during shipment, etc.
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Re: Where is the best place to get heirloom apple trees.

Raintree nursery and Stark Brothers both have lots of older varieties. I like both of these companies which ship bare rooted plants. Mine have always leafed out and grown vigorously. Though here in S.C. many varieties can't tolerate the fire blight and other problems, especially when growing the trees organically.

If you are going organic, I would suggest you try some of the many disease resistant trees that both of these nurseries offer.
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Re: Where is the best place to get heirloom apple trees.

If you have a local nursery call them and see if you can special order fruit trees. It might be to late for this year but try it anyway. When they place their order they buy a special order of 1 tree of that variety. You do have to pay ahead but I love doing this and my nursery is great about it and so is the grower.

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