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apple guild

I have few fruit trees on my new property. I would like to set up a guild under them. Comfrey seems to be an important part of the guil, however I do not find start ups anywhere around portland oregon. Most people do not seem to event know what it is.
I can find seeds off the web but was wondering if I could find plants or herbs as it is.

thank you


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Comfrey isn't too hard to start from seed. I don't grow apples, but I do grow comfrey--it is a great addition to your compost pile and a healing herb for teas.

Here's an apple guild article:

along with the comfrey, it recommends horseradish, chives, clover, sweet pea and tulips. What a beautiful combination! I love permaculturists (even though I don't have the space to be one).

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Tolbiac, do you have a farmer's market near you? That's where I found my comfrey plant. I couldn't find it at any of the nurseries around here, either.

Mine's doing well in a half wine barrel right now. I've been afraid to plant it in the ground because I've heard it can be hard to control, but I might take the chance. I'm guessing it would be more beneficial in the ground.

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Have you tried Horizon Herbs? I guess it's not local to Portland, they're located in Williams, Oregon.

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