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Apple tree didn't bloom this year

Hi everybody,

I have a mind boggling problem with my apple tree. I have two Golden Delicious apple trees that have been growing for about 15 yrs. For the past two yrs one hasn't produced a single flower but is in full leaf. The other looks like it's doing fine with a full flush of fruit starting to grow. The trees are planted about 12' away from each other on a slight slope (the one without any fruit is at the bottom of the slope)

Any help would great.

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I had a problem with my apple tree for 18 years it would sometimes make apples but they were hard as a pine board and never got ripe. I read all the information I could find and tried everything the experts suggested and nothing worked. The years that I trimmed the tree it would never blossom. Apparently triming the tree triggers it not to blossom. Finally I decided to do my own thing if the tree will not make apples I will cut it down. I fertilized the tree that is exactly what all the books say not to do because it kills roots, apple trees have surface roots. Once a week I feed the tree a 15 ounce can of Urea 46/0/0 fertilizer and about 5 gallons of water. It made 14 heaping full 5 gallon buckets of apples that year. This is the first time it has ever made good apples. I also sprayed the tree with fruit tree spray one time a week.

If you tree has not blossomed this year it is already too late, maybe next year.

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