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Good bye to Old Apple Tree

A 194-year-old apple tree, the matriarch of the Northwest apple industry, has died — CNN
An apple tree thought to be the oldest in the Pacific Northwest has died this summer at 194 years of age.
The Old Apple Tree in Vancouver, Washington, was planted in 1826 when fur traders of the Hudson's Bay Company settled in the area. It was considered the matriarch of the region's bustling apple industry and produced a green apple that was bitter to the taste but great for baking.

Old Apple Tree in Vancouver, Washington, dies at age 194 - CNN ... index.html
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Re: Good bye to Old Apple Tree


Some plants and trees have longer lifespans than humans but still eventually suffer from the ravages of time. Too bad they can't tell us all of the wonderful and poignant things that they have seen in their lifetimes.
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Re: Good bye to Old Apple Tree

The original Bramley Apple tree was planted in 1803. A hundred years or so later it was blown over in a gale. Luckily one of its branches propped it up on its side and that branch rooted into the ground as well. Sadly fungal infection finally killed it a few years ago.
Sad to see these old beauties die.

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