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Lemon and Orange Tree Leaves Brown on Edges

Hey guys! I am the proud owner of two meyer lemon trees and a navel orange tree (for about a year). In that time I have fought to keep them alive during several stages of diseases ranging from fungus gnat infestation to nutrient deficiencies.

In the last few days however, both lemon trees have leaves that are developing brown/beige spots around the edges. In the last 12 hours both tree's leaves have begun to curl downward - with the exception of a few leaves, mostly on the newer branches, which are curling upward (cupping?). In the last 2 months the trees have appeared to be extremely healthy, and I have changed NOTHING in my upkeep routine.

I believe it is starting to affect my orange tree as well, although it doesn't have any symptoms as obvious as the lemon trees thus far.

Any help would be much appreciated - I love these trees!

Browning: ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing

New leaves cupping: ... sp=sharing

Overall downward curl: ... sp=sharing

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Re: Help! Lemon and orange tree problems

Hi coemen,
What has the temperature been like over the last month. Have your plants been in more sunlight than normal or higher temperatures?.
These symptoms are so like water stress. Where the plant is loseing water through transpiration through its leaves faster than the root system can replace it.
If it is this then giving shade,and increasing the root area by larger pots, this will give a better balance between the top of the plant and its root area.
Just an idea...but maybe?.

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Re: Help! Lemon and orange tree problems

What are you growing them in. Lemons like a well drained soil.

What are you feeding them. Citrus are heavy feeders and need micros.

The new leaves are coming out. I wouldn't call that cupping yet.

I haven't a clue about the brown spots, it is an unusual pattern.

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