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Pink Meat Navel Orange

Hi Everyone,
This is the smallest tree I have in my grove. It's a really cool tree that is a seedless, pink meat, navel orange. In California they call this "Cara Cara" but we don't grow Cara Cara in Florida and I'm not sure where this plant came from. The original owner of this land has rare plants throughout the 13 acres but he passed away before I got to quiz him on his knowledge. I have been picking this tree for about a month now and the fruit has been AMAZING this year. I love it!
Cara Cara (Seedless, Pink Meat, Navel Orange)
Cara Cara (Seedless, Pink Meat, Navel Orange)

I don't know why the img tag is not working, can a moderator please edit my post and fix this so I can see what I am doing wrong? I did get it up here with the attachment tag, but I don't really want to upload them again if possible, I'm using flickr to host the photos and I haven't had a problem with it before. Any ideas?

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