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Pinot Noir Grape Vines advise

Hello from Ontario. I have a cottage where for many years being rented, I'm taking it back and fixing it up. I'm tackling the backyard and have 6 pinot noir plants ordered from BC. I went online to see how best I could have them grow. I was hoping to get them on a pergola or high trellis. The backyard gets a lot of sun also. There is well drained soil. Reading about these grapes, It was mentioned to not allow them to have too many grapes in a bunch(water) but a few more intensive flavoured ones hanging.

Just wondering if anyone has had experience in growing these and how long would it take to grow, bear fruit etc etc.

thanks again!

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Hi crosswire,

I’ve never grown this variety...but I suspect that it will respond much the same to training as most other vines.
If you run a single vines from each plant over your pergoda it will take only a couple of years to get quite a way over your structure. Remove side shoots that develope from the leader after a couple of leaves, and don’t allow it to fruit for the first year. This will give the vines the best of chance to grow as much as they can.
Next winter cut each of these side shoots back to two buds, then as those develope into side shoots allow just one bunch to grow on each side shoot. Stop the shoot two leaves beyond each truss.
This is how the vines in this photo are growing.
They are a Californian Ruby Red Seedless.
Hope this helps.

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