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Black rot zone 5 United States

Hi, I'm new to this forum. I have been tending my in-law's grape vine the past 3 years. We get many grapes each year, but around June, we have heavy rains that lead to black rot and the death of all grapes. I've tried pruning the vine way back to improve air flow but each year, the result is the same. Is the best bet to give up on the vine? Many mosquitoes invade their yard after the rain and hide amongst the vines. I appreciate any suggestions.

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Re: Black rot zone 5 United States

Hi Swoh,
It’s essential when trying to deal with Black Rot that you start to treat early.
As soon as the vine starts into growth and up to when the trusses are forming is the time that infections start. Once they are established your fighting a losing battle.
Sprays of a protectant fungicide like Captan will help enormously If applied at these early stages.....long before you see the damage.
Also good hygiene around the vine. Clear all leaves and discarded fruit etc.in the fall.
Rubbing off old bark can help to remove overwintering spores as well.
Don’t give up.....just start earlier.

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