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Accidentally Trimmed Vines Too Soon

I just moved into a new house and was pruning my grapevine, which appears to be quite old. In my pruning, I think I made a very dire mistake and trimmed off some live vines that are already blooming. I am trying to save the parts of the vine that I have cut off but I am also concerned about the rest of the vine as it has just begun to start snowing (I live in Colorado). I am worried that the rest of the live vine will die as it is now distressed. Any advice about how to save what I have cut off and what to do about the surviving plant? I am an idiot and my mistake has literally brought me to tears. Could anyone give me any tips about what I should do? I am an idiot, I know... Ugh..Please help!

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Re: Accidentally Trimmed Vines Too Soon

I'm sorry I don't know anything about growing grape vines, but I wanted to let you know I read your post and know the feeling when something goes wrong and desperately want advice.

My vague at most understanding is that grape vines could take quite a bit of pruning, and it is in fact desirable, so even if you won't get harvest from the pruned portion and you might not save it, the main plant/vine should be OK and would grow new shoots.

Could you post photos or at least a rough sketch of the vine and where you cut it off? Let's hope more experienced members will come along and provide a more definitive opinion.

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Re: Accidentally Trimmed Vines Too Soon

As Applestar . has said.
It would help if you could put a picture on the board.
Even so....vines are remarkably tough. I suspect that this early in the season your vine will grow away and you will be ok.
In fact if your vine was coming up to flower and you had snow, then it was too cold anyway.
Grapes will grow on wood that is produced on the same year. So if you vine produces new shoots they are likely to give you a crop this co,info season.
All the same..if you can get that picture....,

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