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Grapes falling off, why?

Checking my fruit today to find this on my grape vine, the small grapes on 3 of the bunches seem to have fallen off.They all appear to be in the bottom of the container not eaten by birds. Any suggestions please

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Hi Adam,

Warm welcome to the forum.

In order to get better advice please update your profile and include your County and State.

Grapes are not great grown in a container. If you do grow them in a container you need a very large container - 24".

Plants will drop flowers and fruit when they are stressed - poor soil or too little or too much water.

You need to either plant in the ground or in a MUCH larger pot. Not knowing the variety of grape or your regional conditions it is difficult to recommend a soil mixture.

Pot them up using an all purpose soil mixture. Monitor your watering practice.

Good luck

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