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Grapes falling off, why?

Checking my fruit today to find this on my grape vine, the small grapes on 3 of the bunches seem to have fallen off.They all appear to be in the bottom of the container not eaten by birds. Any suggestions please

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Re: Grapes falling off, why?

Hi Adam,

Warm welcome to the forum.

In order to get better advice please update your profile and include your County and State.

Grapes are not great grown in a container. If you do grow them in a container you need a very large container - 24".

Plants will drop flowers and fruit when they are stressed - poor soil or too little or too much water.

You need to either plant in the ground or in a MUCH larger pot. Not knowing the variety of grape or your regional conditions it is difficult to recommend a soil mixture.

Pot them up using an all purpose soil mixture. Monitor your watering practice.

Good luck

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