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How to Control Grapes - How to Trim Prune Them Back?

My grapes are out of control, they have over run their area, lots of grapes on them, I am going to have to do something with them, so many! I need to learn how to trim them back this year.

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The grape trellis for commercial wine production is a single wire on eight foot posts about ten feet apart. With added end bracing. the vine gets pruned into a "T" shape with up to five buds on each top arm.

A Kniffen trellis looks like a "T" over "T" for table grapes with two wires And up to five buds on each arm.

Your gonna prune after solstice. and if its been a few years your going to chop a lot out.

If you prune back too far the first year (and you may have to) it is possible to not have many budding points on the new arms (and a smaller crop of grapes as a result). This too will pass on subsequent years.

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Dave Wilson Nursery has an awesome youtube channel with videos on pruning grapes. It is definitely worth checking out.

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