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How to Get Rid of Leafhopper Eggs on Grapes?

Every year I get what I think are leafhoppers on my grapes and they do great damage to the vine. This year I want to be proactive.

I see tiny little eggs on the vines right now and want to know of the best way get rid of them and prevent the leafhoppers from becoming prevalent all summer. Please reply as to a few of the best options to do this.

Thanks for your time.


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Hi David.

Searching around for info on this pest it would appear that infestaion needs to be quite high before treatment should be required.
Anything below 15 - 20 nymphs per leaf should be ok.

However if you want to check up on the beast....try this site.
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If you are seeing the eggs now, it seems like it would be easy to just wipe those off, or pull the leaves they are on and destroy.
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There are thousands of them, so I'm not going to be wiping them off.

If there were just 15 nymphs per leaf in the summer, that wouldn't be a big deal, but there are thousands per vine. They seemingly suck the life right out of the leaves.

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