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Planted Grapes Last Year - When Will Show Signs of Growing?

I planted 3 grape plants last spring and this spring they look dead last fall they looked great maybe its to early for them to show any signs of growing

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I put 4 grape plants in last year. They were about a foot high! They are just starting to sprout as of last week. Imoved a real old 40 year vine this past week. it had about 8 4 to 5 foot branches from the main root! I attached it to several 10 foot high 1/2 inch conduits that I just punched into the ground. There are little buds or leaves starting on the branches! I will make a grape barb later this summer!
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it may be because its warmer here but my grapes are about 20ft long along the fence and already has little clusters of grapes on them
Thanks for all the help and advice Daniel G.

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