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Tips on Planting Pruning Grapes & Keeping Birds Away

I was wondering if anyone knew the best way to care for grapes?

I just purchased two plants today (Thompson seedless) and some sort of purple seedless. I wanted a climbing plant to cover a lattice wall for privacy and my husband suggested grapes.

I'm more concerned with privacy but he want to eat the grapes. Anyway I havent even took them out of the pots yet.

The wall faces south/east and gets plenty of sun all day. I live in Texas so it's hot 90 + and humid most of the year. Any tips on planting/pruning? How do I keep birds from eating them? Any help will be great. :D

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Netting for birds; eating is mostly about good pruning...water regularly and mulch with sawdust to preserve soil moisture (one of the only crops you will see me recommend that).



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for training methods and pruning looks at the recommendations at extension sites on the net, Oregon for one has a lot of information on grapes in general. You will have to train the grapes up the trellis for several years. Then if you want grapes you will have to prune it in late winter. The simplest way after they are trained is to cut off all of the new growth canes back to 2-3 buds from where they attach to the trained vine(s). Your local library should also have horticultural books on grape training and pruning

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