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Planting Hydrangea Shrubs in raised garden beds


I have heavy clay in my soil which I have amended as much as I am physically capable of doing. I have 5 hydrangea shrubs, endless summer, snowball that I would like to plant in a raised garden bed. I live in Canada (zone 6a) and I am unsure if they can be planted and survive winter in a raised garden bed.

Can anyone help or does anyone have any suggesstions? Thanks,


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Hydrangea handles clay soil just fine. It is one of the plants recommended for use in clay soils. So they probably wouldn't need to be in the raised beds. And it is hardy to zone 4, so it will be fine in the winter, with a bit of winter protection, if you want them to be in the raised beds.

But you didn't say anything about sun exposure. Raised beds are often made in full sun. Hydrangea likes filtered sun all day or morning only sun.

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