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Low Temps

I have four raised beds where I am growing a variety of vegetables. I am in zone 6B where temps have been below average this season. For instance this weeks nighttime temps range from 45-50 degrees. I have two hot beds (tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, basil, etc) and am wondering if I should cover these crops to protect them from low nighttime temps?

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Covering usually works to keep frost off. I brought my tomatoes in only because the temps were below 40F.

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Extended low temps like this can stunt them.

Even lightweight garden fleece can help a little -- maybe 2-3 degrees -- heavier garden quilt will keep temps about 5 degrees above. BUT you need to take the covers off as soon as the direct sun is on them in the morning and heats up above ... I'd say 57°F if you have peppers and squash in there, 52°F if just tomatoes.

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