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I am in the process of building above ground planter boxes

Hi I was wondering if someone could please give me some advice on whether or not I'm using the right fertilizer for my above ground planter boxes (for vegetable and fruit gardens). I have one built already and it has 1 Indian summer red raspberry in one end and 2 strawberries in the other end. I am using a bag that says it doesn't need mixing due to having compost parts to it already. It is called Patio Plus from home depot the brand I believe is Kellogg's. Its a yellow and blue bag. I am making many planter boxes so will be needing a lot of fertilizer and it is only $5.97 a bag and is organic :). If I drain the soil properly before planting will it work just fine. The guy at home depot says that its their number one selling fertilizer.

Here is a picture of the box I just finished with my strawberries in it I wasn't aware that you should soak your fertilizer and let it drain before planting so my strawberries are not doing well. ... wberry.jpg

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