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Raised Bed Soil Question-Need Advice

Hello all,
Need some expert advice...
Ive recently been filling a large raised bed. I used largely compost(some from a neighbor, some homemade), peat moss, some vegetable/flower soil from my local nursery - Pike Nursery, and included the previous raised bed soil(that i tore out). The problem is this ive started notice quite a bit of wood shavings/bark in my soil. I believe the shavings were hiding in some of my neighbors compost and the bark is from the bagged soil. My question is have maximum productivity in the bed should i remove and screen and the soil to remove these carbon rich invaders or will adding organic nitrogen(ie. blood meal) counteract the decomposition effects enough?

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Re: Raised Bed Soil Question-Need Advice

Providence, mycoriza, and earth worms will fix your wood-bark problem soon enough.

I would not add blood meal. I would let nature take its course.

Mushrooms are by now already hard at work on your bark. Take a deep breath. Have a beer.
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