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February in Maryland - Is it too late to plant garlic?

Is it too late to plant garlic?
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Re: Is it too late?

It is better around October, but if you plant them now it will grow but they won't be very big. Eat the garlic instead and plan better. You should plant at the right time but you also have to plant the right variety for your zone.
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Re: Is it too late?

Actually, since we are having a mild kind of winter, it may still work out this year as long as you ground has not frozen or has thawed. Normally, we need to plant about a month before hard freeze/ground freezes so the garlic has a chance to establish some roots and even grow a short bit of green. In mild winter, with ground not frozen solid, garlic will have chance to grow a little bit and get a head start.

If daytime temp is in the 40's and up, it might be mild enough to plant.

Biggest issue, in fact, might be if your garden bed is soggy and wet, but you may be OK since we are talking about a raised bed.

I agree With imafan that you need to grow the correct variety for your area though. Grocery store garlic is often from a wrong region like Southern California for example. Did you get seed garlic bulbs In the fall or have gardening friends who can share some that they might have left over?
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Re: Is it too late?

The plants will grow and can be used in the immature stage. A few might actually make modest sized bulbs. Ones that stay small or don't divide into cloves can be replanted this coming fall. I say go for it. There is nothing to lose. You will get some kind of edible crop plus should have some to use for planting. That is not a great outcome but IMO is better than waiting another full year.
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Re: Is it too late?

I agree. It has been a ridiculously mild winter (my husband and I discussed whether we need to put the A/C on tonight because it is so warm) that all the norms are out the window. I say give it a shot and give us a report. :)

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