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Should we add worms to our raised bed garden?

First, let me apologize if we're making any gardening faux pas. We're new to this and just learning. My family and I live in Cleveland, Ohio on an itty bitty lot. My youngest daughter (10 y/o) loves to garden so my husband built a raised bed garden for her. It is about 30 inches wide by 16 feet long and not in contact with the ground anywhere. We filled it with Miracle Grow Garden soil mixed with Scott's Top Soil. My question is, Do we need to add any kind of worms to this. If so, what kind of worms should we add (earthworms, red worms, something else)?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!




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Worm egg cases are persistent in leaf-mulch. Use it (leaf mulch) as top dressing and the eggs will hatch and you will have an evolving worm work force. If you didn't save any (leaves), collect them in the fall.

In order for any worm population of be stable, they need mulches and other organic material to eat.

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