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Raised Beds, soil mixing, Carrots, Onions, etc.

This year I have three garden plots instead of just the one I had last year. I'll be doing about 15 different Tomato plants with little soil amending.

I've just finished building 3 raised beds. I need advice on how to fill them and make the "perfect" soil. I figure I'll use one for Carrots. Not sure what crops should also get the "perfect" soil.. Other crops I'm doing that are candidates are onions, garlic, beets, chard, frisee, peppers, and several others I haven't decided on yet.

Anyone have advice on what crops should get the most special soil treatment, and what kind of soil I should try to "make?"
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Re: Raised Beds, soil mixing, Carrots, Onions, etc.

Real soils are made up of clay, silt, sand, organic matter and various chemicals. They are the natural covering of the Earth. They have been created by eons of time and the action of the weather. These soils vary considerably in the proportions of the noted components.

Many what I call "fake soils" are made up of wood chips, ground paper, bark, peat moss, and who knows what else. These are often sold in bags for potting.

Perfect soil? No such thing. If you can get some real soil somewhere and amend it with compost, you will do well.
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