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Miracle Gro Organic Choice Soil ok for Raised Bed?

Hello All,

Going to finish building my raised bed today. Has anyone had any experience with Miracle Gro ORGANIC CHOICE - Garden Soil. It's at about $6.97 for 1.5 Cu ft worth.

I have always read about all kinds of things going into Miracle Gro, but I would imagine the Organic Choice is past that. After some research I found a pretty large number of negative reviews on the soil. Everything from trashbits to bugs to lack of soil in the bag of soil.

Any suggestions on soil for a raised bed that I would find in my area? Any input would be great. Thanks!


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Depending on the size of your bed, you'll go broke filling it with 'premium' bagged soil like that. I recommend getting some bales of compressed peat moss and mix it with some compost, aged manure, and other similar stuff. That should be a lot cheaper and still provide a desirable end result.

Avoid cheap bagged topsoil (usually about $1.50/bag) as it is mostly rocks clay and charcoal dust to make it look dark.
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