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Pack man broccoli

My question is this
Would you plant a little closer in a raised bed garden vs planting a garden in the ground?

Or would you go by the same guidelines?

My bed is roughly 4x8

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Re: Pack man broccoli

Guidelines are designed for row planting with rows to walk through. If you can access your bed from all sides, you don't need to provide a walkway in the middle. I plant between 18-24 inches apart in all directions. I want the leaves to be almost touching when they are fully grown. This maximizes the ground covered. Shaded ground = less weeds. I would use the spacing between plants for spacing between rows. Actually, I offset plantings. It is an intensive way to plant that maximizes spacing. Offset and under planting allows you to grow a few more plants in the same space. I can get 3 plants in a 4 ft length. I will plant the outer ones closer to the edge of the bed so it will actually hang over the sides of the garden.
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