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Second Harvest of Honey

We harvested the first honey for the year in January. It was dark, almost brown in color, and had what was described as "bark" to it.

On May 23 we harvested about three supers. One of the supers we intended to harvest had brood in it so we left that one.

We spent 3 hours (10 people) and we bottled 110 jars of golden honey with citrus and mango flavors. Yum.

A couple of months ago we put the brood box from the hive that died on top of another box. The bees are continuing to grow and hopefully we will be able to split the hive soon.

The honey flow came early and we had some boxes that were not quite ready to harvest just yet, but it looks like we will be able to harvest again in a couple of months.

We are lucky and unlucky at the same time. We are warm enough that we don't have to worry about starving the bees in winter, there is not as much nectar out there but there is always something blooming, and we can harvest honey all year long. The down side is that we have to constantly battle hive beetles and varoa mites all year long. At the next inspection we will probably have to treat the hives again.
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