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Re: Would you like this chicken?

I honestly don't know how in this day of animal rights and awareness that people still sell Easter chicks to someone they know won't take care of it beyond the cute downy stage. It's cruel.

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Re: Would you like this chicken?

I may take in any other animal. Except chickens, if you don't know what it has been exposed to, the diseases it has and it is immune has such a devastating on your coop and the amount of cleaning to get your ground and coop clean. I just can't afford to have no chickens that long. So I hear ya.

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Re: Would you like this chicken?

My local feed shop has a sign saying live chicks are not for Easter baskets...
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Re: Would you like this chicken?

Yes, unfortunately some people just don't understand. A live animal as a gift is never a good idea. An animal should be well thought of in advance, and should have all of their specific needs met for the rest of their life. It's a commitment.

I am very fortunate to have learned a lot about chickens from my brother-in-law and his daughters. They have a small hobby farm with chickens, and one of the daughters is even going to a special college just to specialize in chicken husbandry. You can't just incorporate random chickens into your flock. Besides the health concern for the birds, there is a very real pecking order!

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Re: Would you like this chicken?

j3707 wrote:My local feed shop has a sign saying live chicks are not for Easter baskets...

Mine, too. It boggles my mind that people do this.

It strikes me that animal shelters might have baby rabbits raining down on them after Easter. Maybe this would be a good way to get a couple for my daughter, who is quite keen to care for some. Do any of you have experience introducing rabbits to a household that includes cats who have probably not been socialized to rabbits?

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Re: Would you like this chicken?

Cats are predators, rabbits are prey. Just one of the facts of life. I had a cat that would regularly bring home wild rabbit heads. A large breed rabbit like a Flemish Giant would fare better than a small variety like a Netherland Dwarf. Size alone is enough to keep most cats from terrorizing a pet rabbit.

And as with people, good fences make good neighbors. A cat proof cage will keep your rabbit safe from the cats, as long as the cage is kept closed and the cats aren't allowed to "play" with the new rabbit unsupervised. Even if all appears well a cat's natural instinct can take over and be dangerous for the rabbit.

Ohio has laws against selling dyed chicks and ducks and there is a required minimum purchase that has eliminated a bit of the Easter chick problem. Unfortunately people who are desperate to buy that pet find ways around the regulations. Just a few days ago I saw a boy of about 5 years old carrying a small duckling around at a swap meet. Even if it lived, single ducks/chicks are unhappy animals. They are hard wired to live in a flock, not as individuals.

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