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Hi All

Hi All,

New here from the mtns of Western NC. My daddy passed last year on aug 18th and left the 10 acre homestead to me. While I was raised doing it I went more modern when I got married. Well now I am back to the land so to speak if only out of sheer necessity. Daddy sort of left me in a pinch although I adored my daddy he didn't believe in insurance of any kind so I have a 50 grand debt to pay off or loose the land, now I am awaiting my disability due to sezures but as we all know that can take years. Momma has daddy's SSI Check but it barely covers the normal bills. We don't have a dryer all clothes drying is done on a 4 strand clothes line my daddy lovingly made with his own 2 hands when it's cold or rainy I have a lot of tangled string threwout the house but it gets the job done if clothes have to be done along with 2 wooden clothes dryers. My main concern though is feed us threw the harsh conditions we have mainly blizzards and floods. I have a 1 acre garden spot of which I had plowed right after daddy passed for this growing season but I had enough of daddy's scrap to sell off in order to make it threw last winter, spring and summer now we're facing winter again we've went to 2 food banks in the area fathfully everytime they was giving away, we've had a few neighbor's give us veggies which we've canned and frozen and a couple of deers are in our freezer so we're NOT gonna starve just yet. I have done my research and I'm putting in a few small greenhouses this fall so I can have seedling starts to sale to gardener's all around next year….If you or anyone you know has extra seeds if only a few I'll gladly send a SASE for them I need all kinds of Veggie, Sunflower and herb or medicinal flowers you might have as I have multi health problems (High Blood Pressure, Edema, Congestive Heart Failure and also a bad Diabetic) I want to go more Natural in my healing ways. For now I've got the 2 ltr pepsi bottles and Milk Jugs saved to become mini greenhouses for seedlings and one good thing is my granny taught me how to dehydrate using the sun of a daytime. Next spring I will start my new homestead with Hen's I'd say 12 should be good as we use ALOT of eggs at both houses. I have 3 sources for registered dairy goats which will be next I'll probably do 6 goats for the does IN MILK is how I will buy them or at least pregnant 1 lamanca, 1 alpine, 1 saunan and 1 nigerian dwarf and do a full sized buck of some sort and a full sized Nigerian. From my understanding both parents don't have to be registered for the offspring to be? Goats will be a while coming still as they will be around 300 each. I have bigger plans as I get ways of making money established.

Thanks for reading,

Connie C

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