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best breed of pig to raise?

Looking to add a pig or two to our family this year. I see that there is a farm auction coming up near me and was told that is a good place to get animals. I'm not sure which breed would be best for us. We don't plan on keeping it over winter. We would like to butcher it In the fall.

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Re: best breed of pig to raise?

I apologize in advance, I am no help but can't wait to hear how it turns out.

I have finally convinced the husband to get two feeder pigs to feed out this summer. So this will be our first year also. I just had two saved for us. I did not ask what kind they are, that wasn't even my worry. There isn't a whole lots of pigs around. They are two weeks now and won't come here until the end of April.

Last year I had so much extra milk from my milk cow and too many eggs. I was making cheese every day and it was keeping me out of the garden. My cats were sick of milk and scrambled eggs. So I need another out let. Last year I got a bucket calf but any kind of cattle right now is expensive.

Good Luck!

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