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Spots on UNDERSIDE of pepper leaf?

What do you think these black spots on the UNDERSIDE of the pepper leaf is? The spots are not as obvious on the upperside at first. That seems fungal? I don’t recognize it.


This is on my overwintered TS Chocolate. It was doing this lightly over the winter, but has gotten worse since it has become warmer. I think maybe 50% of the older leaves has this and I’m removing the worst. It’s difficult to spray this huge plant in front of a window, but I may have to lug it to the bathtub for a treatment.... It has been visited by thawtime invasion of ants and is starting to suffer from aphid infestation as well.
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Re: Spots on UNDERSIDE of pepper leaf?

I don't recognize it either, but my guess would be fungal as well. Are the spots enlarging or just staying real small? Good Eats & Treats from the Pocono Mountains
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