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my jalapeno plant dropped all its flowers

hi, my jalapeno was small it had 3 flower buds on it and i had to go on an 11day trip, my micro toms had already started to fruit and is doing fine, i had the terracotta stakes doing the watering while i was gone, when i came back the jalapeno plant had used all the water and was a bit droopy, it tripled in size, the room got hot cause the ac was off 105+, it had alot of dropped flowers (11) and 4 that that was still attached, i turned the ac back on (77f) and watered it and re filled the bottles, now a week later the last flower dropped, however i have alot of new flower buds that are still to turn white and open, were the old ones heat damaged and thats why they fell off ? should i prune the plant back ? here is a picture of the last flower that fell i think it was pollinated, was it ? can i have alot of flowers on such a small plant, or should i remove some once they start setting fruit ?

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Re: my jalapeno plant dropped all its flowers

They fell off because they were in distress. Now that the temperature is better and they got watered, they should be able to recover if the plant perked up.
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