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Is that too much flower buds in ghost pepper

It's the first time I grow hot pepper
5 variety ( bhut , habanero, jalap, aji lemon , basket of fire )
All of them looks fine and normal to me ( newbie)
But I have this " monsters" ( white bhut jolokia) that looks like he wants to conquer the word
Is that too much (I counted 19 flower bud on that node and 12 right over it ( the rest of the plant is like 8 to 12 on each node
Is that normal should I remove some from each nod
Or just be happy
Tks in advance for your opinions

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So awesome to have such a prolific bloomer! Don't worry, the plant knows what to do. Only some of the flowers will be set and develop fruit to maturity, and the plant will simply drop the rest after blooming.

I hope it is warm where you are? I've found that for the bhut they really like consistently hot weather in order for their fruit to set.

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looks good too me. if it ends up producing a large yield and has the heat you expect from a ghost pepper, I would save some of the seads

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You may be disappointed there. Ghost peppers don't usually have a lot of seeds and if you are lucky the cross is stable and they will all be hot. If it is not stable, some of the peppers won't be hot.

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