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is this some type of pepper disease? any cure?

I have been doing a lot of research on this problem with my peppers. I believe it may be some type of disease, steering away from a deficiency or mold. Can someone help me confirm what it is and IF possible, a cure? I have been reading a lot about diseases in pepper plants, but I have yet to see an actual cure....except of course to just pull the plant. Unfortunate. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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have you fertilized recently? if so its possible you over did it a little.

if it is a disease like mosaic virus, I have heard that an asprin dissolved in a gallon of water and applied once a week can minimize the symptoms, but not cure it. it can still be spread to other plants, and is still going to be in the soil and can stay there for years even without a host.

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Looks more like some fungal, leaf spot disease.

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It looks like bacterial leaf spot. There is no real cure, so remove the spotted leaves. Prevention is the best method to keep leaf spot at bay. Do not water overhead, have a mulching program to keep water and soil splash to a minimum. Hot days with high humidity and low air flow contribute to the spread of bacterial leaf spot. Sometimes this disease is present in the seeds used or already present in plants purchased. A spray containing copper may help resistance. If the affected plants show the symptoms you may have to pull the plants to save the rest. If it is fungal, there are fungal sprays that may help.

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Yeah before assuming the worst, do what you can to help your plant. To me, the soil it's planted in doesn't look the best. Since mulching is a good idea for so many reasons, maybe mulch with a layer good compost thick enough to hide the soil underneath, then pile with additional mulching material of your choice.

Whether fungal or bacterial, remove entire or affected portion of the leaves using clean tools. I like to spray with milk solution and willow tea (branch-tip leaves and stripped bark) first, then think about other sprays. If I have AACT brewing, I would spray with that.

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