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Potential problem with pepper plant

Hello, first time poster and relatively new grower here. Ive discovered these small white formation on the leaves of my banana pepper plants have have recently spotted it on my habaneros as well. I did some research of my own to try and figure it out but unfortunately it has been to no avail. If anyone is familiar with this and could enlighten a noob, I'd be very grateful! Both are indoor plants if that is relevant.

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Re: Potential problem with pepper plant

It's hard to see, but if they are bumps like bubbles in the leaves, then they are due to water stress -- I think called embolism. Try to water more evenly. Make sure you have supplemented calcium to the soil mix -- lime, ground eggshells, even milk -- to avoid potential blossom end rot issues later. A little epsom salt might help too.

If those are not part of the leaf structure, they could be aphids? I can't see them clearly in the photo.
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