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Chilli plant growing again...

Hi all, new here.

I'm attempting to overwinter my successful fresno chilli plant this year for the first time. I have pruned the roots, moved to a smaller pot, taken off all the leaves and cut it right back. Brought inside onto my kitchen window ledge and reduced watering to a small amount once a week. It's sat there fine for last 2 months not doing alot as expected, but the last week its sprung into life again, lots of new leaves and even a few flower buds.

My question then is, do I remove these as they come through as it's so early or will that cause a problem?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Chilli plant growing again...

You can either let them grow or try to slow them down. Is the kitchen window ledge on the cool side? Is it south-facing? Do you have sufficient supplemental light? Depending on the variety, the blossoms won't set fruits if too cold.

You do have to "prune" but don't take off all of the growing buds. Let some of them grow even if they will end up being weak and lanky due to insufficient light.

I let the buds grow a bit first because I have been having problems with mites -- broad mites or cyclamen mites, as well as aphids. And some will die off. I can see the aphids but cant see the mites without significant magnification -- not easy.

Definitely take off some of the multiple buds coming out of same node. Basic rule, remove inward growing buds/shoots. You want to leave the interior of the plant open for air flow and light.

If you want it to grow and set fruits, provide warmth enough for you to be comfortable and bright lights good enough for reading and position the plant close -- I turn the lights (CFL bulbs and fluorescent shop lights) on in the morning, then turn off at bed time. Use an electric tooth brush to buzz the top of the arching blossom stems every day to help with pollination.

If you want to slow it down, find a different, cooler location -- 40's to low 60's °F at most (I think kitchen tends to be comfortable to warm so if you keep it there, you will need to supply good lighting)

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