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Tiny pepper plant....ID?

Hi, Guys ... I just bought some plants from a local nursery.. and one of those is a pepper plant...wats different about it is its very small and still producing fruit....

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It's an ornamental pepper. I can't remember the name. I had one years ago but never ate any of the peppers from it.

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It looks very much like the Twilight pepper that I grew years ago, except that one started out as purple peppers. Have you tasted any of them yet, to see if it is a hot or sweet pepper?

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Some of the ornamental peppers can be quite hot.

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That's some kind of ornamental, but I can't pinpoint it. They are all edible, however they are usually hot.

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That is a Thai Hot Ornamental. It is edible. it's also very hot with a Scoville rating of 50,000-100,000. A Jalapeno, for example, runs in the 1,000-5,000 range.

How do I know this? No, I'm not an expert gardener! I mistakenly bought one this year. I am currently drying the peppers to grind for red pepper flakes.

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