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Someone Please help!! Need to identify Pepper plant!

Please?!?!?! I am certain this is a pepper plant I'm just not sure what type?! Please can someone messege me if you know what it is?
I'm sorry about the terrible pictures there the best I can do.
Hope to hear from somebody
Thanks a bunch

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Well, I can confirm that this looks like a pepper plant based on the flower buds and dropped blossoms. But it's not easy to tell what kind without looking at the fruits, and even then there are so many possibilities.

When you say "what type", what sort of information were you looking for?

What is the urgency? Did you just get the plant? Is that why it's indoors?

...is it just the lighting and photos, or are those leaves very dark green? If so, that might be a clue....

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Did you know that it is hot pepper, not bell pepper?

Based on the distinction described here https://www.helpfulgardener.com/forum/vi ... 81&t=70079 and the general leaf conformation, I think we can say that it is a hot pepper.

But there are approximately a million varieties of hot peppers, with very little or nothing to distinguish the plants from each other. When it fruits, that will at least narrow the possibilities down a bit. But yes, it will not fruit without LOTS of light, difficult to provide indoors.

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Wait until it makes pepper then you will know for sure what it is.

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