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New career? Bhut Jolkia farming?

OK, just kidding, but I was at my local ( small ) grocery store today. They carry a lot of local produce, but not much in the way of hot peppers, other than jalapenos. They sometimes have habaneros for $6.99 a pound. But that is the extent of it, until today, when I saw they had Ghost Peppers! But they were in a plastic box, so I knew they would be expensive....

$4.99 for 3 or 4 peppers! I took them to the scale, and with the plastic box, they were just a smidge under 4 ounces.

I grow Bhut Jolokias. They usually put out a good amount of fruit.... I eat or give mine away.... but at $20 a pound, I might have to become a ghost pepper farmer. :lol:

On a side note, I was out near Lancaster, PA on Friday, and saw a huge amount of gorgeous habaneros at the Shady Maple grocery store.... for 39 CENTS a pound..... I bought 5 pounds for under 2 bucks.... and I pickled them.
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Re: New career? Bhut Jolkia farming?

Wow, they must have been a novelty item. Usually I only see Anaheims, pablano, serrano, and assorted bell peppers at the store. In Chinatown they do sell the hot thai and Hawaiian peppers fresh.
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