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Peppers attacked by Broad mites and bacterial leaf spot

It has been raining nearly every day for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, during the day the temps still get up to 80 degrees so it is hot humid and steamy, perfect for fungi and bacteria to unmake my day

I have about 80 pepper plants and they started to get bacterial leaf spot on some of the peppers. So I picked off all of the infected leaves and threw them in the trash. That actually got them under control and I started spraying all of the peppers, roses, and tomatoes with copper sulfate, chlorothalonil and pyrethrins. That got it under control.

I did continue to spray every 5-7 days as a preventive and so far it seems to have worked. However, I ran out of the pyrethrin based spray ... te-control

I ended up mixing my own insecticidal soap, chlorothalanil and copper sulfate and continued to spray regularly. While that did keep the leaf spot in check, I started having problems with mites.

I would normally use a horticultural oil on mites but since I have used sulfur, I cannot use an oil within 2 weeks of the sulfur and it is still 80 degrees during the day, so any oil I use could really burn the plants badly.

The insecticidal soap just wasn't controlling the mites. I picked off and threw away the damaged leaves and I had to top some of my peppers.

So, I went and got more of the sulfur + pyrethrin based Natria Insect, Disease, and Mite Control and hopefully things will start looking better.

Actually, it helped to have a good hard rain to knock off a lot of the mites.

The peppers are looking better and I am hoping I finally have it under control now. ... din018.htm

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