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Chilli plant and spraying with vinegar proves good

Hey all

Recently I noticed some bugs crawling over my chilli tree/plant. I jumped online and found a organic pesticide (a simple chilli , garlic and soap) However instead of using fresh chilli I had a tiny bit of scorpion chilli sauce left over that I diluted instead

Thankfully the bugs have disappeared. However, I have noticed since I started spraying the plants with the mixture they seem to "recover" and grow in spurts. Admittedly the plants are quite young, this is there first season. I say sprout, because here in Australia its been a funny old summer and when it gets hot they wilt (obviously) I water they recover.

But the week or fortnight that I might spray them (once a week) they recover significantly better than on the weeks I don't spray.

Has any one had any experience with this? The fact there was vinegar in the solution, would that aid the plants?

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