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Re: How to Increase Yield for Ghost Peppers & Trinidad Scorp

imafan26 wrote:I got good yields from the ghost pepper and the Trinidad Scorpion. They took longer to start producing, but they are popping up all over now (Trinidad Scorpion). The Bhut Jolokia I have to start again. I only got 6 plants the first time around and I gave most of them away and the one I kept died.

I had 2 Ghost Pepper plants in my garden last spring that overwintered in the fall of 2012 and when they started producing, they put out tons of peppers each. If you plant 6, you should be lousy with them when they start maturing. Hope you have a lot of friends that like super hot peppers.

I now have a couple gallons worth of extreme hot sauce, several quarts of pepper jelly and too many jars to count in pickled hot peppers. Then there's the dehydrated peppers ground up for dried pepper flakes. I can't even begin to think about how many Ghost and Habanero peppers I gave away to people when I simply got tired of fooling with them.

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Re: How to Increase Yield for Ghost Peppers & Trinidad Scorp

I planted several 6packs of peppers some as far back as 5/23 nothing yet. Peppers I planted earlier are up and bearing, but no sigh of the latest planted.

Yesterday we were up to the mountains but I forgot to bring back the heat pad.


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