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sweet pepper plant

So I just started gardening and we bought some kind of sweet pepper plant. After we put it in the ground, 2 flowers bloomed then the peppers started to grow I think they grew for like 2 months and we just picked them. We cut one of them up and sauteed it with a sweet onion. Then I cooked some cubed steaks in butter. About 5 min before they got done cooking I pit the onions and peppers on them and poured the butter and seasoning mix over them to make them even juicer it was so delicious. The other peppers going in to our salads tomorrow. :D

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Stop it! Stop, stop. I can smell it cooking there was just enough oil in the pan, that added to the aroma, it sounds soooo gooood!
Glad you are enjoying. Continue.


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Something so fundamentally great about sautéed onions and peppers together. :()

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I second the "stop it" I am hungry right now.

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Add some sausage and beer too. Now, I am really hungry.

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Where are you located that you have peppers ripe by now? Please put that information in your profile so we can better understand, enjoy, and/or help. Happy gardening!

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