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Cannot grow peppers!

I tried growing peppers in this year in January, but the seeds did not germinate at all!
earlier i planted capsicums and another type of peppers and they germinated and grew well for a while but now they din't germinate. I need some help! The compost i used for he soil was duck and rabbit poop and some kitchen waste.

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Re: Cannot grow peppers!

Someone else just wrote in with the same problem. Check out the responses here: ... 81&t=53772
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Re: Cannot grow peppers!

How much fertilizer did you use when you first planted the seedlings? What type of sunlight did they get? What was the temperature? I need a little more info in order to better answer your question.


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Re: Cannot grow peppers!

Where are you located? Please update your profile with your zone and location.

Peppers do not like cold temperatures. I don't even try to germinate peppers in January. If they do germinate, they dampen off with all the rain. I live in Hawaii and night temperatures in January is in the low 50's. Now that it is the middle of March, peppers will grow now even in this crazy cold year.

If you want to germinate peppers they need a soil temperature above 65 degrees at night, preferably 70. You can start them indoors on a heat mat or just wait until the outside temperature is consistently in the high sixties at night.
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Re: Cannot grow peppers!

And every type of pepper has it's own length of time to sprout. Right now I'm at the Nevada spread, peppers sprout easy here and grow better and faster than up in the mountains, and because it's drier here, there's little chance of dampen off.


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