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To add a little bit my giant anhcos are doing good as far as production and total growth. But again most of the others are still really small, though some of them have produced peppers they were almost a 1/4 the size of the toatl plant.

My neighbor has 2 different plantings one is doing the same as mine, not much. But another he got from lowes when they were good size are 3-4 foot tall with lot's of big peppers.

This doesn't make sense to me. He planted these about the same time as the others and they were basically the same size and they are next to each other. Yet he still has the mini's and mucho's.

Only time will tell. This has not been a good pepper year for me at all.

Good luck everyone.

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So far I'm having the best luck with bell peppers that I've ever had. Okay out of the two years I've tried anyway. The pepper plants looking the healthiest are on the narrow garden lining the west side of our house. One had about four of them growing (I picked one) and another starting.

That area gets soaked whenever it rains, but dries out quickly. I have to water that spot ever so often or it gets bone dry.

Peppers in other areas of our yard are variable. Many of them are yellowing, but some are producing. It's been an okay year for Hungarian wax peppers and Jalapeños, but the cayenne pepper is just starting to produce one. Not all of the flowers have produced peppers. It's been one of our wettest summers, though the temps are probably close to normal or above. Overall so far, I can't really complain about how our peppers are doing. We have just about enough.
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All of my peppers have been producing well, so far. They are only about 1 ft. tall, but have lots of peppers staring on them. I'd probably have more peppers on plants twice as tall, but the darn deer make a periodic visit to the pepper patch.

I'm thinking that the moisture-content of the soil may play a larger role than just the temperature. Also, nutrients seem to definitely play their part as well.
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