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Back to Eden Beds and a Rutgers question

This is my Back to Eden bed grow covered with a high tunnel to keep heavy rainfall out and growbag plants that are in there too from being saturated. All seed raised heirlooms and some hybrids that were given to me. Cherokee Purps, Brandywines, Determinate Rutgers, Black and Brown Boars,m Supersonic. Its my favorite grow set, I have a hoophouse grow bag garden with bush beefsteak and hydroponic dutch buckets on the deck with celebrity and bush big boys.

My question, tell me if I prune or do not prune determinate Rutgers. I'm told and have read not to but I am getting too many suckers and robust growth and not enough flower production. The plants are huge for 5.24.16. All plants in BTE are fed custom input ferts and compost tea.

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I don't prune any tomatoes! :mrgreen: I try to tie them all up and keep them organized, but they usually fight back pretty hard! :roll:

Determinates usually have one big bloom. IME, they get a few here and there, then you get the mass bloom. They give you most of their crop right at the same time. HOWEVER! I like Rutgers a lot! And I've grown them for a lot of years, and mine are usually semi-determinate. I get several flushes instead of one Big Bang!

High nitrogen can cause less blooming, and more lush green growth, so you may want to check your soil nitrogen levels, or back off on the Nitrogen, and go up on the P, K numbers.

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