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Our Herloom Garden 2016...and some peppers.

Hello Everyone,

My husband and I are from Checotah, Oklahoma. We have always loved to garden, but last year we had so much rain (22 inches or so in two months) that we had to replace our garden 3 times.

So this year we had to do something different. We don't really fit any one forum on this site so I will share here. We have 143 Heirloom tomato plants and 30 some pepper plants in a DWC/BATO bucket hydroponic system.

We planted these one month ago and we already have 75 or so tomatoes started, tons of flowers, and some peppers started too.

We have planted Pink and Red Brandywine, Rutgers, Cherokee Purple, Big Rainbow, Mortgage Lifters, and San Marzano tomatoes along with Green and Purple Bell, Anaheim, and Poblano peppers.

I can't wait to see what they do. Good luck to everyone and happy gardening.

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Awesome! :mrgreen:

I definitely love the story of adaptation, although I am sad to hear your gardens last year were drowned! :) / :(

I have one of a red and pink brandywine, a cherokee purple, and possibly some rutgers (I mixed three kinds of seedlings, we'll see :lol:) - I thought that was kind of amusing that we shared quite a few varieties this year! I was reading my own list for a minute. :()

Happy gardening to you too! Woohoo, 143 'mato plants, yay! & 30 peppers! Yum!

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