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Re: Applestar's 2016 Tomatoes (& peppers & eggplants)

Some pepper plants that are producing now --

- L - 2nd year Naga Seasoning or Bhut cross, 3rd or 4th year Jalapeño doing fine in part sun though presumably would be more loaded in full sun, 2nd year Yatsufusa "Yatzy" from Helpfulgardener give-away -- probably would have grown fuller if I had planted in the ground

- C - 1st year Brazilian Starfish -- DOES grow tall and "vine-y" like cherry tomatoes :cool: Peach Bhut, Peppadew, and Golden Habanero are also planted here with expectation of extra tall growth, but so far nothing like the Starfish -- and Golden Hab is actually kind of short ...maybe next year? All except Peach Bhut have green fruits. peach Bhut is blooming and may have set blossoms.


- R - 2nd year Hanoi Market g2 (is this a hybrid variety? Mine is grown from seeds from a gifted ripe fruit) pumping out fruits in the ground, 2nd year Czech Black and new-to-me 1st year Domalik Bieber, sad Jalamundo with mite russeted and stunted blossom end

... Jalapeño had been pretty significantly sucked on by stinkbugs. Since I'm only out in the garden every other day, I really need to check every plant, but the jalapeño is out of the way and I have been too lazy. :?

- PEPPERS - Clockwise from top: little Bolivian Rainbow, Jalamundo with mite russeted/stunted blossom end (I think it should have been bigger/longer), wrinkled Seasoning Naga or Bhut cross, Hanoi Market g2, Yatsufusa "Yatzy" from Helpfulgardener give-away :(), and the stung Jalapeño


- TOMATOES - Dwarf Mr. Snow managed to ripen these two then died (not mottled or bicolored like last year). Good "white" color comparison of with Raymondo's Australian Mist (which split again in the rinse bucket :roll: ) and my MRxCF.F2.1F-P1

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